AMBILAMP como Asociación para el Reciclado de aparatos de alumbrado tiene como objetivos:

A. End the life cycle of any bulb or luminaire covered by the WEEE Royal Decree, enabling sustainable final treatment for them once they become waste. This will reduce the environmental impact that a light bulb or luminaire may have over the course of its useful life.

B. AMBILAMP provides a service for all producers of light bulbs and/or luminaires subject to the WEEE regulations and that want to fulfil their environmental obligations through this Integrated Management System. AMBILAMP also offers a logistics service that caters for the needs of the various agents that handle the waste. Finally, the Association remains in constant contact with the Central Governmental Bodies and Regional Public Administrations to ensure the continual improvement and upgrading of the collection system.

C. Research and development· across the entire technical area with the main objective being to develop the collection and recycling of light bulbs and luminaires.

D. Awareness-raising, education and information, direct and indirect, for all agents involved in the process in order to meet the targets of protecting and improving the environment.