In accordance with the national legislation on electrical and electronic equipment waste (RD WEEE), an integrated management system is an organisation that takes care of the promotion, organisation, management, and financing of expenses related with WEEE. The producers that exist in the market can join it as members in order to comply with the responsibilities imposed upon them by the law.
AMBILAMP was founded by Philips, Osram, General Electric, and Havells Sylvania, as an integrated management system for waste lamps that, in accordance with the legislation, takes charge of compliance with the financial obligations of its member producers.
AMBILAMP is a Non-Profit Association.
In order to meet its objectives, AMBILAMP is committed, among other things, to the following:

  • Admitting producers as members and collecting the fees paid by participants for the collection and recycling of WEEE.
  • Subcontracting independent service providers for the collection and recycling of WEEE after the corresponding transparent and competitive selection procedure.
  • Informing the national authorities about the development of its activities.
  • Providing information to the general public and other interested parties (for example, on the activities of the collective system, places where waste should be deposited, etc.).
  • Acting against those producers who do not comply with their legal obligations (“Free Riders”), as included in the legislation on WEEE.