Free Riders

What is a FREE RIDER lamp producer?
A Free Rider refers to any lamp producer that does not comply with the obligations laid down for producers by the Directive: either participating in a CRSO (Collection and Recycling System Organization) or implementing an individual system that finances the collection and treatment of its own waste.

Why is it necessary to identify FREE RIDER lamp producers?
A FREE RIDER does not assume its obligation of financing the correct environmental management of the waste generated by the lamps it has introduced into the market. For that reason, its lamps can be more advantageous commercially than those who do assume this financing.
At the time of sale, a FREE RIDER transfers its responsibility to the next economic agent in the chain, which will be unfairly converted into the party responsible for financing the environmental management of these lamps when their useful life comes to an end.

How to identify a FREE RIDER lamps producer?

  1. It does not participate in an Collection and Recycling System Organization (CRSO) for waste, such as the AMBILAMP Association, to organise and finance the management of lamps that have become waste.
  2. It is not registered with the National Register of Producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RIE-WEEE). This information is available for public consultation by interested parties (
  3. It has not notified its lamp-producer status to the environmental agency of its Autonomous Region. This information is available for public consultation by interested parties.
  4. On its invoices, it does not provide information on the part of the lamp’s price that is allocated to its management when it reaches the end of its useful life.

How to report a FREE RIDER lamps producer?
AMBILAMP, as an Collection and Recycling System Organization (CRSO) for waste lamps, works to protect the interests of its member producers, and, therefore, works in collaboration with the Autonomous Regions in the fight against FREE RIDERS.
If you suspect that a company might be a FREE RIDER, you can contact AMBILAMP in a totally anonymous way by calling (+34) 91 571 94 69.
AMBILAMP guarantees total confidentiality in its handling of any information received in this respect.