How do we help with RD WEEE Compliance?

Every quarter, and in accordance with the data on lamps and luminaires that the company commercialises in the Spanish market, the producer must proceed with its declaration and financing of WEEE; this is retroactive and starts from 13 August 2005.

The declarations will be made using the AMBILAMP Platform, from where AMBILAMP will inform the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, thus complying with the obligations that the producer/importer has.

In the case of Retrofit LEDs, the management cost has been applicable from 1 October, and only after that date will they be retroactive.

Once your company has become an AMBILAMP Member, we will deal with your registration in the National RD WEEE Producers Register of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and each quarter we will provide to the said Register quarterly information on the lamps and luminaires commercialised that you have provided to us to invoice and that is required by the First Additional Provision of the aforementioned Royal Decree.