Lamp Containers

Large Container
The Large Container can be found at the majority of lamp distribution points. This container should be used for the disposal of fluorescent, low-energy, and discharge lamps.

Medium-sized Container
Designed to facilitate the collection of lamps at smaller-sized collection points. These containers will be placed in your warehouse or workplace and are characterised by their small, manageable design. They have three deposits differentiated by type of product to be recycled, see image.

Small or Dual-box Container
This is a container composed of two boxes, clearly differentiated by colour, one for fluorescents and the other for low-energy bulbs. The space allocated to low-energy bulbs has a device in the upper part so that lamps are deposited one by one, and a braking system inside to avoid the bulbs breaking and allow their correct storage. In turn, the space for fluorescents has no lid, which allows tubes of differing lengths to be collected.

The container has an eye-catching design, easily recognisable to users. The external part of the container displays information on the recycling of lamps that is useful for the general public.

The measurements of the container are established according to the type of establishment where it is going to be located, usually small shops without much free space. Therefore the container is a compact recipient, and is lightweight (maximum capacity 15 kg), manageable, easy to assemble and dismantle and with a support that avoids the boxes being in direct contact with the floor.

Large Container Installation is easy and intuitive, if need further support please watch the video or download the attachment.
Para esta Red de Recogida AMBILAMP ha diseñado un nuevo contenedor que se adapta tanto a las características de los establecimientos donde se va a ubicar como a las especificaciones de los residuos que alberga: el contenedor bicaja.
Ambilamp small container