If, due to your business or the type of facilities that you run you are a major generator, AMBILAMP places at your disposal a collection service for luminaire waste.

Major waste generators that would like to have a large container on their premises, must meet the following conditions:

  • They should habilitate a waste collection point that is covered, ventilated, and controlled, that complies with all the technical requirements demanded by the Royal Decree WEEE and rest of the applicable regulations.
  • They should accumulate in the containers facilitated by AMBILAMP or the logistics manager designated by AMBILAMP for the purpose, a quantity equal to, or greater than 70% of the fill level of the containers provided by AMBILAMP, for its later delivery to AMBILAMP.
  • They should receive and take charge, independently of the brand and of whether the producer is a member of the Integrated Management System operated by AMBILAMP, providing that they contain the essential components and do not include other waste not belonging to the lamp, of all waste luminaires generated at their facilities.
  • They should avoid the depositing of other products or waste that are not luminaires covered by this agreement.
  • They should avoid the reception and delivery of broken lamps. The lamps should be deposited inside the container avoiding their breakage.
  • They should avoid carrying out any action on the luminaires that may affect their safety or jeopardize and/or prevent their correct environmental management.
  • They should check and maintain in a good state of upkeep all containers and the waste that they contain. If there is any damage caused to the containers supplied to the ORGANISATION, the latter should inform AMBILAMP or the manager that supplied them, as soon as it is aware of such damage, so that the latter can proceed to their repair or substitution, without prejudice to the provisions of the following point below.
  • They should take charge of the maintenance and correct usage of the containers facilitated for the storage of lamps, assume responsibility before AMBILAMP for any damages or losses arising through fault or negligence of their employees in the preservation and custody of containers, and return them in good conditions at the end of this agreement.

For information on the types of containers, go to the section Recycling – Containers, by clicking here.

If you are interested in more information on this service, you can contact AMBILAMP on the telephone number (+34) 900 102 749 or via email at