Metro de Madrid

AMBILAMP, the Lighting Recycling Association, has launched a new campaign in collaboration with Metro de Madrid, the aim of which is to raise awareness among users of this public transport network regarding the importance of recycling low-energy bulbs, fluorescents, and retrofit LEDs.

Under the slogan “Things you would never do with a blown light bulb”, the campaign will run for two months, with a first wave from 1 to 31 July  and a second wave from 1 to 30 September. It will feature over 300 posters and billboards displayed around the different Madrid Metro stations as well as a spot advertisement that will run over 1,300 times on the Metro Channel.

To encourage awareness of the collection points, a QR code will be included on the poster graphics that allows users to access the collection points closest to the station they are at by using their smartphone. Once the campaign is finalised, there will be a prize draw of 3 Mini iPads among those people who have downloaded the application for locating collection points in Madrid.